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Things to Expect from Full Service Movers

The majority of consumers just consider one aspect of moving services: transportation. Although full-service movers’ primary goal is to get your belongings from point A to point B, they also provide a wide range of other services to make your move as simple as possible. Here’s what you can expect from Dublin home moving services like Top Removals.

What Does It Mean to Hire a Full-Service Mover?

Your moving day is handled by a full-service moving company from start to finish. They may assist you in packing, labeling, loading your belongings onto the moving truck, transporting your items to your new home, unloading your belongings, and placing them in their proper locations. Furniture that is too large to be transported as is will be disassembled and reassembled. A full-service moving company can also install appliances and remove any trash you don’t want to bring into your new home. They will give a secure spot for you to store your belongings for short or extended periods of time until you are ready to use them.


Materials and Equipment

Rather than wasting your day looking for supplies at hardware stores and stationery supply depots, a full-service moving company will provide everything you need for your move, including boxes, packing tape, paper, bubble wrap, and more. They’ll also give extra cushioning, furniture covers, and huge crates to protect tall goods like mirrors and paintings during delivery.

Services for Packing

The packing process is one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of a move. As a result, a full-service firm such as ours will provide packing and moving services in Dublin. The movers can pack your entire house safely and securely, and they can do it in a fraction of the time, so you won’t have to miss work. They also know how to load fragile and precious goods like artwork, sculptures, and glass safely.

Disassembly of Furniture

Furniture moving services in Dublin can ensure that all of your heavy, huge furniture arrives in pristine shape at your new home. Disassembling furniture and carefully packing it for shipment, as well as reassembly at the new location, are all part of this service.

Removing Junk

Getting rid of goods you don’t want to keep is an important element of moving. It’s a perfect opportunity to downsize and declutter so that your new home is light, airy, and welcoming. Junk removal services can assist you if you have goods laying about or put away in your basement, attic, or garage that you haven’t used in a long time. One of the advantages of full-service movers is this. They will offer you with bins to fill at home as you pack and tidy up, and they will dispose of and recycle your trash correctly.

Items to be Donated

One of the characteristics that distinguishes a moving company is how it contributes to the community. While this is not a service provided by every moving company, some do provide a donation program for used furniture. They will let clients who are moving to give lightly worn items to a shelter, and they will transport the items to the shelter for free!

Transporting Personal Effects

Dublin movers and packers will assist you in moving your belongings from one area to another. This might be anything from a short cross-street move to a cross-country move! They will carry your belongings safely according to the schedule you give, so all you have to worry about is getting there.

Moving a Specialty Item

Full-service movers can assist you with large, precious, or specialty objects that need to be moved. They will move you in moving objects such as grand pianos, chandeliers, pool tables, paintings, mirrors, electronics, and other valuables, in addition to providing packing and unpacking services. It takes forethought and technique to transport these objects safely to your new location without them being scratched or dropped. That is why full-service teams differ from other moving services.

Storage Alternatives

Some moving firms offer storage services, whether you need belongings stored temporarily or permanently. Items are kept in a secure, warm facility until you need them, where they are locked and protected. For added protection, the areas are safeguarded by monitored alarms and closed-circuit video cameras. These services are ideal for customers who want to keep their new garage free of clutter they don’t use on a regular basis, as well as homeowners who are temporarily downsizing until they can locate a new home with more space.

What Does it Cost to Hire a Full-Service Moving Company?

The price of full-service movers is determined by several factors:

  • Your new home’s distance from you
  • Your shipment’s total weight
  • Time spent packing, loading, and unloading your belongings
  • The total number of movers
  • The job’s difficulty
  • Detailed requirements

The majority of local movements are billed by the hour. For two movers and a vehicle, companies charge roughly €100-140 per hour, however there may be a minimum price equal to the cost of three to four hours of work. Depending on the distance and weight of your belongings, long-distance removals might cost up to €10,000.

The Services of Top Removals Can Assist You

If you require any of the services listed above, Top Removals can assist you! We are a full-service moving company dedicated to making your move as easy as possible. We are situated in the Greater Dublin Area and have extensive moving experience in all areas. This enables us to think outside the box regarding all of the minor things and be available to assist you fully. Contact us for a free estimate, reserve your moving date with us, receive an order confirmation from our staff by e-mail, and relax on moving day while we take care of everything!